Answering Frequently Asked Waist Bead Questions

1. Why do women wear waist beads?

There are many different reasons why people wear waist beads, and some of those reasons include:

~For some women, it is seen as a sign of femininity and sexuality. 

~For others, it is seen as a way to control their waist size or to track their weight. 

~Some women use them as a way to connect with their African heritage.

~Today, they are most commonly worn as an accessory that you can mix and match to coordinate with your outfits.

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2. Are men allowed to wear waist beads?

In many traditional African ceremonies such as weddings or coronations, beads are presented and worn by both males and females.

Baby boys in many cultures are wrapped with waist beads at two weeks old. This is to measure their weight and growth.

3. Is it cultural appropriation if a non-African or non-black person wears waist beads?

Well no of course not. Other cultures are allowed to enjoy other cultures. One of the most common misconceptions is that waist beads can only be worn by women of African origin but Waist beads are designed to be worn by women of all shapes, sizes and races. If they make you feel empowered and confident in yourself, wear them!

Wearing waist beads is not cultural appropriation, wearing them can be a form of cultural appreciation if anything. As long as you have educated yourself and learned about the culture in which they originated, and always respect sed origins.

4. How many waist beads should I wear?

You can wear as many or as few as you feel comfortable in! Typically women wear two to three at a time.

5. Can your waist change sizes from wearing waist beads every day?

Yes, this can narrow or slim your waist. I would even consider them to be similar to a waist trainer

6. What are waist beads made of?

Waist beads are usually made of glass, wood, stone, or plastic beads. Along with cotton/wool thread or elastic string.

7. How long can you wear waist beads?

You can wear waist beads for as long as you want until you're ready to cut them off, or they break.

8. Are waist beds only for skinny girls?

“Waist beads are only for skinny girls” is a huge misconception. Waist beads are for any and everyone with ALL body types! Waist beads are used for self-confidence, adornment, weight tracking, and so much more!

9. Can plus-size women fit in Waist Beauty waist beads?

Yes! All of our tie-on waist beads are 53 inches and plus-size elastic waist beads are also available.

10. What is the difference between “Traditional” (non-stretch) and “Electric” (stretch) waist beads 


  • Durable
  • For woman who prefer not to remove their waist beads
  • Best for weight tracking
  • Must be cut in order to be taken off


  • Easily removable
  • For those who enjoy switching it up 
  • Best for accessory 
  • Allows room for stomach growth
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