The Reason People Wear Waist Beads | Why You Should

Traditional Reasoning

Waist beads are traditionally worn by women as a symbol of beauty, sexuality, femininity, fertility, well-being, confidence, adornment, and maturity.


In certain tribes, they are used to track the weight and growth of newborn babies (both boys and girls). It is called “Ileke” in Yoruba. At a certain age, the boys stop wearing them while the girls continue as they grow in order to shape their waists. 


When adding certain stones, waist beads can take healing, spiritual and fertility qualities.

(Aventurine, Citrine, Fluorite, Moonstone, Carnelian, Jade

Can I wear waist beads if I am not spiritual?

Yes, you can wear waist beads even if you’re an atheist. A lot of people who wear waist beads don’t wear them for religious or spiritual reasons anymore.


20 reasons why people wear waist beads 

  1. To boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  2. To attract positive energy and ward off negative energy
  3. To celebrate a special occasion or mark a milestone
  4. To enhance beauty and femininity
  5. To honour ancestral traditions and cultural heritage
  6. To accessorize an outfit
  7. To symbolize fertility, sexuality and sensuality
  8. To heal and protect from physical and emotional trauma
  9. To celebrate womanhood and the divine feminine
  10. To help with menstrual cramps
  11. To attract a mate
  12. To balance hormones 
  13. To express creativity and individual style
  14. To keep track of waist size
  15. To encourage self-care and spiritual growth
  16. To express grief and loss
  17. To create a sense of belonging to a tribe or group
  18. To help with bladder control
  19. To use as a form of protection against evil spirits
  20. To help with weight loss and/or weight gain

Waist Beads for weight tracking

Keep wearers informed of even the slightest change in their weight gain, or loss. While they don’t stretch, they either roll up, get tight or break as the wearer gains weight.

They will also give you the signal to not overeat. They can be a beautiful, gentle reminder to pay attention to our habits.

Now when you are losing weight, you will notice the beads begin to loosen up and roll down your body.



From the very beginning, waist beads were only meant to be used as something beautiful and positive. However, over time the items were repurposed and certain misconceptions came to be. As the years go on and different cultures begin to adapt, they will surely gain new purposes.


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