What Your Waist Bead Colours Mean | How To Tie Them On

Colour Meanings

Although colours themselves don't have meaning, here are a couple of words associated with each colour.

: signifies passion, boldness, and assurance

Orange: signifies optimism, vitality, and confidence 

Yellow: signifies energy, optimism, comfort, and joy

Green: signifies abundance, hope, fertility, wealth, and healing

Blue: signifies harmony, loyalty, trust, knowledge, and royalty

Purple: signifies wisdom, power, nobility, and spirituality 

Pink: signifies femininity, love, romance, care, beauty

Brown: signifies stability, reliability, endurance, and earth 

White: signifies brightness, sincerity, innocence, peace, truth and purity

Black: signifies power, protection, strength, elegance, and boldness

Gold: signifies good health, wealth, and power


How to tie on waist beads 

Step 1: Make sure you are not bloated (it will ruin measurements)

Step 2: Wrap the full strand around your waist and adjust the strand to sit wherever you want them to. Do you want them to sit around your waist? Right under your belly button is? Or to fall around your hips?

Step 3: Pull excess beads down the strand to make room for the

Step 4: Intertwine the strings and tie 3-4 tight knots.

Step 5: (optional) Add glue for extra security 

Step 6: Cut off the excess string. You can save or discard them.

The leftover strand can be used as an anklet!

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